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Coloured Glasses EVS project in France - January to December 2018
December 26, 2017 11:15

The EVS project has already been accepted with YFU Germany as Sending Organization - So we only accept applicants from Germany.

It will last from the 28th January til the 28th December 2018, in Tours (37000), France.

The Coloured GLasses project is a set of workshops about Intercultural Education and Global Citizenship Education. Its goal is to raise awareness and level of competencies of the youth in those fields. More info about Coloured Glasses : http://www.cgrow.eu/

During your EVS in France, you will :

Expenses for travel to and from France are covered, as well as rent, food, and local transport. You also get a monthly allowance of 150€.

More information about EVS : https://findevs.com/about/ 

Application process : 

Send your resume and cover letter in English (or French) to Anne beaumont : benevolat@yfu.fr before the 8th January 2018.